Mommy makeovers: Getting your body back

Posted: August 15, 2013

The top three cosmetic surgery procedures in 2012 were breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck – the three procedures that make up a standard Mommy Makeover. These procedures focus on improving the figure and giving women back a sense of control and self-esteem. Share some interesting facts, good results and additional procedures with patients.

1. Giving some basic information about a Mommy Makeover is a good start in sharing details about the combination procedure. There are many choices in breast surgery and body contouring, along with great results following a tummy tuck.
What should my Mommy Makeover consist of:
Before and after photos of tummy tuck with breast surgery:

2. Most patients want to know if it’s worth it – patients give it a 98% positive rating. Share some patient stories and let them know they’re making the right decisions.
Are Mommy Makeovers worth it?–worth-it-1047525

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3. The numbers don’t lie – see the increasing numbers for Mommy makeover procedures. Also, vaginal rejuvenation which is becoming popular for moms as well saw a 64% increase from last year.
Cosmetic surgery statistics:–cut-cosmetic-surgery-1050547

Press release about vaginal rejuvenation:

Vaginal rejuvenation: What does it all mean?