Yes, many insurance carriers cover reconstructive or restorative surgery following trauma, accident, injury and the treatment of cancer related disease. Conditions such as the Lazy Eye (eyelid ptosis), the dropping lower eyelid (eyelid ectropin) and removal of excessive skin of the upper eyelids (blepharoplasty) causing loss of peripheral vision could be a covered service. Breast reconstruction following the surgical treatment of breast cancer is required by South Carolina and Federal Law to be covered by all insurance providers. Some companies even cover Breast Reduction Surgery.

To make sure that your insurance carrier will cover your office visit ask your primary care practitioner for a referral or give your insurance company a call. Dr. Culbertson will evaluate you and we can assist to determine if your policy could cover your desired surgery through their pre-approval/pre-determination process.

Here are some of the Insurance Carriers we presently provide services for:
Plan Name:
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Planned Administrators
United Healthcare

Workman’s Compensation Pro-Net
-Most Commercial/PPO Plans accepted
-Please call if you plan is not listed.

Hospital Affiliations:
Clarendon Memorial Hospital
Kershaw Health