Cosmetic Surgery Statistics: Trend Alert

Posted: March 20, 2013

The Aesthetic Society has just released the Cosmetic Surgery Statistics for 2012 and there are many exciting new trends to explore. Why not use facts and figures to talk to your patients and keep them up-to-date and engaged with accurate information straight from the source. Here are a few trends to blog about this next month – some topics may be extensive enough to break into even smaller entries. See PDF of entire statistics here:

Breast augmentation: Not only is breast augmentation surgery number one, but it’s also indicative of changing times. Saline used to be on top pre-FDA ruling in 2006, but now silicone-gel implants control 72% of the market. Fat grafting is coming into the mainstream and patients have questions. Here are some articles and links to expand upon:

Facial rejuvenation:Whether its eyelid surgery (up 4.4%), rhinoplasty (up 14%) or nonsurgical procedures like Botox (24%) and laser skin resurfacing (25%), face procedures have had a big jump this past year. Talk about the growing trend and use the following to get into more detail or talk about patient safety:

Post-bariatric, weight-loss procedures:Not sure if we can thank reality shows like The Biggest Loser or with the increasing number of weight-loss or bariatric surgeries. No matter the way patients are losing weight, procedures like abdominoplasty (4.8%), lower body lift (10.3%), thigh lift (19%) and upper arm lift (22.8%) are all up.

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